Saturday, May 25, 2013

Where We Go From Here....

So it begins.  As this is our first post on our new blog I felt it was only appropriate to explain why we are doing this and what this is all about.   My intention for starting this blog is to be able to share with others our experiences, thoughts, and emotions as we embrace God's love and truth into our lives.  At first glance, an intention like that could seem straight forward enough....which it is.  However, I think what is going to be most confronting for those reading this is just how real we get.  See, when you make a decision to REALLY see yourself just as God sees you....well, that can be quite challenging.  You see, 99.9% of us have done a really great job at building a facade around ourselves, a version of us that we show to the world.  A facade so strong that it's main purpose is to protect us and get us through our day to day lives.  Lives filled with activities that keep us busy and distracted.  Our facade functions as a shield, you might liken it to body armor, the difference being that the facade covers and "protects" our soul whereas armor protects the physical body.  We LOVE our facade, it is the person we want the world to is the person who is positive (ALL the time), is strong, full of self confidence, never jealous, always loving, wants to help others, is a giver (not a taker), is a good friend, a good parent, is reliable, trustworthy, will always say "yes" when you need something, will tell you what you want to hear, get the idea.

About seven months ago Jason and I were presented with some information that completely changed the way we saw ourselves.  We are both what people would call "seekers of truth".  We will continue to ask questions about any given topic until we feel like we have reached a certain level of comfort in determining truth in that subject.  We are also both willing to "try anything" and experiment with something if it resonates with us....and we stop once it no longer does.  We have both had our doubts, concerns, reservations, criticisms, and questions with regard to just about every spiritual path out there.  So, when we heard this guy named "AJ" who claimed to be "Jesus", well you can imagine our response.  Red flags up all over the place!  A thought of "oh boy, another delusional person thinking they are Jesus and looking to form a cult" crossed my mind immediately.  But this guy had my curiosity peaked for sure....I decided to hear him out...all 4 hours of it.  At the end of it Jason and I turned to each other and both said, "regardless of who this guy thinks or says he is, there is something in this material that I completely resonate with."  AJ and Mary's description and lessons of who God is, how to have a REAL relationship with God, what Love really is, what the soul really is, why we get sick, why we age, our innate desire to find our soul-mate, what prayer is, why prayer works, how to pray, what happens when we die, why life is eternal, etc.  We were blown away by the detail.  And after a long discussion with one another, we couldn't find error or risk in experimenting and continuing to investigate what he was teaching....The Divine Love Path.  And so that is where this all began, it was at that point that we decided to experiment by developing a relationship with God.

That is what this blog is all about, it is about our experiences, comments, and reflections as we progress to become more loving and truthful in our relationship with God, ourselves, and each other.  This process is not all rainbows and roses.  There are moments that are quite beautiful with feelings of overwhelming love when we discover a new truth about God or ourselves.  But there are also moments that can be quite dark and lonely when you are feeling through emotions of anger, rage, and grief.  Breaking through the facade requires you to stop your own errors of self deception and doing that is quite confronting.  But it is also quite beautiful.  Since starting this path it is only recently that I feel as though I have truly found myself.  I can see all the fear, anger and grief within myself as a result of my childhood experiences.  My facade has protected me from feeling all of these real emotions and because of that I have been unable to release them from my soul.

So, that is a little background on how "Operation: Get Real" began.  Jason and I have both made a commitment to be real with God, each other, and ourselves.  It requires a desire and longing to want to feel God's love and truth.  It requires constant humilitythat can be quite challenging.  It requires speaking truth, even when your fear doesn't want to allow it.  It requires owning your emotions and not projecting them on others.  It requires a high level of self awareness in understanding that every experience and interaction is our own law of attraction and there is a lesson of love in it all.  It requires you to feel through it all and not think through it.  It requires us to release trying to control our negative thoughts and emotions and instead allow ourselves to feel through the emotions and pray for guidance in feeling the CAUSE of the negative thoughts and emotions.

I am so thankful to be on this path and to have had this material come into my life.  And being in a relationship with a partner on the path is even more of a blessing.  Trust me, being in a loving relationship with someone that also wants to progress in love by removing all addictive and unloving behaviors between the two of you....VERY challenging!  When you make the decision to honor truth and love over everything else, be prepared to be confronted.  You will feel anger, you will feel unloved when addictions are no longer being met, you will feel sadness, hurt, etc.

For example, Jason recently hit me with a pretty confronting truth first thing this morning.  He helped me see an addiction I have in my relationships with men.  I have so much fear in not wanting to experience projections of anger from men, that I allow completely unloving behaviors (demands, sexual projections, neediness, control, anger, etc)  from them.  Confronting them with truth about their unloving behavior might cause them to be angry and I don't want to feel that, so instead I allow the unloving behavior.  I have prayed to God about the cause of this addiction and it comes back to my father.  My father used to get so angry with me, spank me and yell at me.  As a result, my facade self has decided not to do anything that would trigger that anger from men.  So, thankfully I have a partner that helps me to see these truths and I am working on feeling and releasing the pain and sadness I have as a result.  Releasing those emotions will allow me to have more loving relationships with Jason and my three boys.  So despite the pain I have to go through, the results are so beautiful....sometimes I have to keep reminding myself of that because my wanting to avoid it all is certainly at play.  I have yet to release some of the fear I have in truly engaging in the process and in having faith and trust in God that I will get through it all.

So in just the few months that we have been experimenting with all of this I have come to a few conclusions:

  • I still don't believe within my soul that AJ is Jesus and Mary is Mary Magdalene, but I really don't care at this point who they say they are because I have experienced the truth of what they are teaching.
  • I can feel love growing within myself and I don't want to stop this process.
  • I have a growing desire to know God and have a loving relationship with God.
  • I have a desire to share my experiences with others....if it helps one person discover one truth about themselves, that is good enough for me.
  • I have had a very distorted view of what love really is.
  • Because of my facade and errors within my soul, I have done and continue to do things that are out of harmony with God's love and truth.....and I have a desire to feel those errors and correct them emotionally not intellectually
I am looking forward to seeing where the blog takes me and all of the emotions and addictions it confronts me with.  One of the reasons I decided to do this in the first place is because I want to confront the fear I have about other people's judgments of me.  There are very few people (God, myself, and Jason to some extent) who truly know me or who I really share myself with.  My intention is to change all that.

(If you are interested in learning more, I have hyperlinked words in this post to material covering certain topics in more detail.)


Charlotte and Jason said...

I would also like to thank Mary for the beautiful blog that she has been writing for sometime now. It was definitely a source of inspiration in wanting to share more of my experience with others.

Mary said...

Hi guys,
So lovely to read your first post - I'm excited to hear what comes next!

Guess what? After Operation: 'Get Present', I planned to write the series Decision: 'Get Real'!

Maybe I can just direct people over here :) that would be awesome.


Charlotte and Jason said...


LOL! Yeah, I have to admit "Operation: Get Real" was definitely inspired by "Operation: Get Present". It just seemed very fitting as it got very real over here this morning :) Feel free to direct people here as you would like. We would welcome it!

Jen said...

Hi Charlotte & Jason,

Thanks for sharing your journey, I enjoyed reading your first post.


Charlotte and Jason said...

Thank you Jen! We appreciate everyone's support.

Simpson Resources said...

Every day I ask for answers not only how I can be more successful financially but to my deep inner emotional pain.

I would normally delete a good majority of these messages, but spirit led me to open this one.

I'm glad I did because I found yet another answer to validate boundaries I began to put into place 5 years ago.

I totally resonated with your addiction about not wanting the angry response from men and now I realize that it was that I didn't want and feared that response from men that I let them take advantage of me in ways that was not loving.

I, myself, started becoming angry and realized (at the age of 51) that I did not have to put up with this any more.

Unfortunately, I had to stand my ground and be strong in my convictions to protect myself, to finally love myself enough that I was willing to fight for me no matter the anger that I was about to face.

It's been a long journey but I am finally feeling some relief from 32 years of repression.

Thank you for sharing this personal story. You are helping a lot of women in this same situation.

Love to you,

Charlotte and Jason said...


Thank you for leaving such an honest testimonial. Congrats on the work you have been doing to try and correct your addiction.

What I have noticed with myself is that my fear of anger from men actually triggers a lot of anger within myself. So I might make a decision like, "I'm not cooking dinner tonight, I had a long day at work and I don't feel like cooking or cleaning." Because of that choice I might start getting projections of anger from the men in my house and I don't want to feel that so I decide to make dinner anyway. Now, the entire time I am engaged in making dinner and then cleaning up, I am going through all of these feelings of anger that everyone around me can feel...all of which I am responsible for because I made the choice to give into my fear.

I am completely out of harmony with love in that situation. I would be far better off being true to myself by not making dinner, allowing the men around me to project their anger at me and just feel about that. When I have done that in the past I notice that when I allow their projections of anger it in turn triggers anger in me that I project back at them. I might say something like "I do everything around here and the one night I want to take a break, this is what I get!"....or something to that extent. All these feelings of anger about not being appreciated or cared for come up.

I have been lacking humility in just feeling through it all and owning my emotions in the process. I have been engaging in prayer more and I have been asking God for help in healing the true cause of all these unloving emotions within me. I want to be able to respond from a place of love not anger.

I hope this blog will continue to be a place where men and women can relate to what Jason and I share and then find answers and resources about how they can begin their own soul healing. Being willing to engage God in my healing process has been the best thing I have ever done. Spirit led you here for a reason and I hope you visit back often :)


Betsy said...

Hi Charlotte and Jason

I found you via Mary's "Notes along the Way"

Thank you for this blog. I enjoyed your first post. It's nice to find Americans on the DL Path (don't get me wrong, I'm nuts about Aussies!)'s interesting that you are in Illinois...I've had some kind of Cosmic Connection to IL just keeps showing up! (I'm in Southern Oregon)

I have just discovered this material in the last few months and it feels VERY natural and resonant with me. I can see how I've been gently guided towards this for many, many years. I really love it. My logical left brain has taken a back seat to whether or not this is the real J&M...I actually find it helpful and healing to just allow the possibility. Maybe some time I will share more about that.

I look forward to reading more of your blog! Thank you for demonstrating the courage to be transparent.


Anonymous said...

Char, we love you and hope you and Jason find inner peace. May your efforts to open your heart to God fill you with a love you've have never known.
We are always here for you.
Love you,
Aunt D & Uncle Tom.

Charlotte and Jason said...

Thank you Aunt D and Uncle Tom! I love you too. Jason and I are both enjoying this journey back to God together.

Charlotte and Jason said...

Betsy -

Thank you for your comments. It is great to meet (online) another person in the US on this path as well. If your LOA ever brings you out to Illinois, please let us know :)

We appreciate your support!! Look forward to reading more of your comments in the future.



Jen said...

Hi Charlotte & Jason,

I sent a message to you both yesterday to thank you for sharing your journey, but as I'm new to blogging and still learning how it all works, I may have entered in the wrong URL in the section choose your identity. I have just found out there is someone else with the same blog name as I have & this is what comes up when you click on my name from my message yesterday which is not my blog site. Anyway it's lovely to hear about your journey with DT and I look forward to hearing more.


Charlotte and Jason said...

Jen - I see what you mean. Please feel free to post a link to your blog, would love to read it :)


Jen said...

Char - this is the link to my blog


Pierre Joseph said...

I love the way you share. Thank you. It is inspiring, it is clear, it is real.It is non judgemental. It comes from your heart. I want to encourage you. Keep going! Never gives up in your quest and experiment for more for Love and Truth! Pierre